About Us


Hallman is a Kindergarten through fifth-grade school with an average enrollment of 400 students. Bilingual services are available. Our nickname is the Huskies.

Hallman was built in 2001, and is named for Hilda Myers Hallman who was a special education teacher and directed the program for disabled students. She also worked at MacLean School for Boys.

Right to Request Professional Qualifications of Teachers
Federal law allows parents to request information on the qualifications of their child's teacher, such as education level, teaching license and experience.  To request a teacher's qualifications, simply contact the principal at 503-399-3451.

Derecho de solicitar la certificación profesional de los maestros

Las leyes federales les permite a los padres de requerir información de la certificación de los maestros de sus hijos, como el nivel de educación, la experiencia y la licencia de enseñanza. Para requerir la certificación de maestros, simplemente póngase en contacto con la directora 503-399-3451.


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