Sept 11 weekly Massage

posted Sep 12, 2016, 9:55 AM by Hallman Elementary   [ updated Sep 12, 2016, 10:08 AM ]

Good evening Hallman Community!  

This is Jessica Brenden, Principal of Hallman Elementary School with your weekly Hallman message!  

This week at Hallman, we had a BIG week!  We welcomed students to school, students got to know one another in classes and at recess, and so far this year, our attendance rate is higher than last year!  At the end of the year, our attendance rate was 93.3%, which means students missed an average of three weeks of school and we would like to improve that!  Every day of school matters; we want students to attend 95% of their school days!  Did you know that if a student has an attendance rate below 95%, it means they have missed 2 weeks or more of school?  Attendance is really important and we will talk about it often, reward students for great attendance, and reach out to support you if attendance is low.  We are all a team and our goal is to have kids in school.  Thanks for partnering with us!  

Coming up this week at Hallman, Kindergarten starts school!  While there are “soft start” days for kindergarten, the first time classes will be all together is Wednesday, September 14. We look forward to our Hallman family being complete!  

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Thanks for listening, thanks for a great start to the school year, and have a great evening!