Weekly Message

posted Oct 4, 2016, 7:44 AM by nuno_beverly@salkeiz.k12.or.us

October 2

Good evening Hallman community!  This is Jessica Brenden, principal of Hallman Elementary School with your weekly Hallman message!  There are a lot of reminders this week, so grab a pencil and paper. This week at Hallman, we have our first early release day of the year.  On October 5, students will be released at 12:30.  The purpose of the early release day is to provide our staff with time to meet and plan for the instruction that is the most powerful and appropriate for the needs of the students.  On early release days, students will receive lunch and dismiss like normal.  Please plan for this day and for how your child will safely get home.  Also coming up in October is an Inservice day, which is a day set aside for training of school staff across our state.  On Friday, October 14th, there will be no school due to this Inservice day.  Again, there will be no school on Friday, October 14th. On another note, we have provided families with the month of September to obtain clothing that is aligned with our dress code. We will now begin sending reminders home for students who are not in dress code.  If you need support with clothing, please contact our Community School Outreach Coordinator, Beverly Nuño, here at school. Thank you.  I also want to let you know that our partners over at New Harvest Church are soon beginning their after school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This is a program where students are picked up at school and walked to New Harvest for games, homework help, and a snack.  There are only 20 spots available; if you would like more information, please check our Facebook page or visit the school office for registration forms.   Finally, I have really great news to report:  our attendance rate is 95.6% which is higher than our attendance rate was at the end of last year.  Keep up the good work and remember that every day matters!  Also, students arriving after 9:05 are missing our morning gathering where we gather as a school, celebrate students and classes who are showing the character trait of the month, and announce birthdays or other special celebrations.  Students who miss this time are disappointed--try to make it a point to have your child here by 8:45 so they can have breakfast AND join us at the morning gathering.  Thanks for listening and have a great evening!